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What Do I Trade

I manage a personal investment account, 2 ROTH IRA’s, 2 ESA’s, and a 401K as well as providing trade recommendations to family and friends who are receptive to the advice.  I trade equal allocation in leveraged ETF’s/Mutual funds associated with the S&P600 (small cap stocks), S&P400 (mid cap stocks), S&P500 (large cap stocks), and the NDX 100 in all accounts that are not in 401K plans.  On occasion I will trade higher leveraged sector ETF’s/Mutual funds with less than 10% of the total account based upon valuation or timing indicators that suggest potential for price movements in excess of the overall market.

Trade recommendations in 401K plans follow along similar splits if they are available and throw in a 20% allocation to the EAFE.  In most cases there will not be an option to trade the NDX 100 and usually there may not be a mid cap option.  For instance, those who have the government TSP plan, I recommend an allocation of 40% C Fund, 40% S Fund, and 20% I Fund during BUY signals.  Allocations in other 401K plans align in a manner to provide equal allocation to domestic stocks across the available market caps and an allocation to an international fund.  All funds are placed into a fixed income type fund that is available during SELL signals.

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