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September 10, 2013

Trend Model BUY Signal (SELL Signal Failure) Issued EOD 09/09/2013

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Although not unexpected considering the poor success rate of the sell signal type that was issued, the market action caused a Trend Model BUY signal to be issued.  The market is overbought on the intraday charts so I would not again be surprised by a sideways or more likely the market falling back again just in time for the new buy signal.

MARKET UPDATE (10/22/2013): Putting my invested capital into cash on 10/23 and 10/24 using the precondition data for a potential SELL signal.  At least one trend model index closed both above its upper Bollinger Band (20,2) and its previous 20-Day High along with at least one of the following closing above its upper Bollinger Band (20,2): VIX, VIX/TNX, BPSPX, or NYMO.  I have not had much time over the past few months to work this into an official CASH signal due to moving into a ‘new to us’ house so am just using a market update rather than a signal change in this instance.


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