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August 20, 2013

Trend Model SELL Signal and CASH (50% Short Positions put into Cash) Signal Issued EOD 08/19/2013

Filed under: Trend Timing Model — Rich Trend Trader @ 3:00 am

The sell signal setup was completed today with all Trend Model indices (RUT/SML, MID, SPX) closing down on the same day and below their respective open prices on 08/15.  In addition, a CASH signal for this sell signal has also been issued after at least 2 Trend Model indices (RUT/SML, MID, SPX) closing below their respective lower Bollinger band (20, 2) with the RSI (5) below 20.  Therefore, only 50% short position should be taken with the expectation that a market rally may occur starting 08/20 due to oversold conditions with again the possibility of a failed sell signal being realized.


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