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July 10, 2013

Trend Model BUY Signal Issued EOD 7/9/2013 (SELL Failure Signal)

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The market has whipsawed many trend systems, including my own, over the past many years without abatement.  The trend system that I use as a part of my model has had 8 signals with negative returns out of 16 since 2008.  The valuation service portfolios have had 2 years of sub-par performance to the overall market and 1 year negative return in the same time period.  However, I would not have any better success guessing at which way the market will go and therefore relegated to following the trend signal.  The market may be near making a short term top just in time for the new BUY signal so I am reducing the percentage of my invested positions although the signals performance data will be reported as indicated by the signal.

MARKET UPDATE (08/19/2013): A Trend Model SELL Signal setup was issued at the end of day on 08/16.  If all trend model indices (RUT/SML, MID, SPX) close down on the same day with at least one index below the open value on 08/16 a SELL Signal will be issued.


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