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December 31, 2010

Finally Moved Into New Home – Trend Model BUY Signal Still in Effect

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Internet access got up and running today in my new home in Alabama. Will be updating signal return data this weekend. Although I traded into cash in my personal account around SPX 1225 I did not change any investments since and the 9/3/10 BUY signal is still valid. Will have to just keep reminding myself not to listen too much to other investment blogs and stay with the model signal for intermediate and long term investing.


December 2, 2010

12/02/10 EOD Update: Trading Into CASH

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The small and mod cap indices closed above their respective upper Bollinger band (20,2) limit therefore I am once again going into CASH. The market has aligned with several EW analysts projections although some more upside is possible. Will be monitoring the market data for a correction bottom should the market only pull back from here before continuing higher.


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